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A Blessing to Motherhood

Nine years ago, a little boy was conceived. He would be the first to call me mother. Our clan has now grown to three, a boy and two girls. Truly a gift unmerited from the Lord. Still, I have found myself running to the Lord for wisdom, strength, and identity in motherhood. His grace and strength have delivered me from the pit many times. The Word of the Lord has sustained me in times of uncertainty, strife, misunderstanding, longing, sickness, and grief. It is grace for sanctification, that through my children, He parents me yet more. The knowledge that I am called to be an ambassador of Christ to my children takes away the burden of “making” perfect children. Instead, I walk alongside the Lord as I watch His grace call lost hearts, mold characters, and create pure hearts in my children. I will boast yet in my weakness as I parent, for when I am weak then He is strong.


So, this blessing is for new mom with expectant eyes, for the mom who faced a miscarriage, for the mom who daily remembers an abortion, for the mom whose arms are left empty to the death of their child, for the mom whose womb remains barren yet, for the mom who has experienced a failed adoption, and for the mom whose children came through adoption. This blessing is for the mothers aching for children separated from them, the mothers who feel less than, and for the mothers loving children whose birth families are in crisis. This blessing also reaches to the moms at different stages, the mom with busy toddlers, the mom with school-aged children testing their boundaries, and the mom with children leaving the nest. This blessing also belongs to the mom with a child whose rejection aches heavy, the grandmother who now finds herself raising another set of children, the mom caring for a child with an illness or special needs, the moms yet to be, and those who know or may not know that the calling of motherhood also beckons them.

Another facet of motherhood for me is the calling to make disciples. I do this around the table monthly, with beautiful women from around the city. My calling to spiritual motherhood began many  years. One of my greatest treats was to spend time with the older ladies at my church. I asked, listened, gleaned, but mainly watched as they lived a life worthy of the calling of God. So I began to pay attention to the ones younger than me. I spoke life over them, I listened to them, I encouraged them to seek the Lord. One of the ways I loved to do this was by writing poems for them, letting them know  I saw Jesus in them. I also pointed them to the Word of God, showing them how learning it and loving it had made all the difference for me. It had looked different at different times of my life, but now that I have reflected on those times, I pray I can incorporate them with my littles too. Revel in the calling of spiritual motherhood. Let it bring life to areas of your life that may have gone dormant. You will be nourished and the Lord’s provision will simply astound you.

So, Dear Hearts, the Lord and I have been thinking about you and we bless you.

A baby in arms a heart full
A smile that plays in the eyes
Unbelief that this one is yours and will call you mom
Blessed be the God who filled your womb
You are blessed mother, run to your strength.

A prayer sent to heaven above
A cry stifled with tears warm
What was to be
Has not come to pass
Blessed be the God who hears
You are blessed mother,
Morning, noon, and evening His ears hear your cry.

Unsteady you sit tears stream
Your heart yearning, longing
To be full just one more time
The emptiness threatens to overtake
Blessed be the God who sees
You are blessed mother,
His arms tenderly hold your broken heart.

A desert bare
A wilderness of unknown
Where is the promise of a life-giving womb?
Again confronted with a womb full
And your heart aches with longing at first
And then with desperation
Will it ever be?
Blessed be the God who knows
You are blessed mother,
For He makes known to you the path of life.

A gift given
To experience your spiritual adoption in the physical
Your heart swings open
And you embrace one whom your soul loves
Dissonance loud, mistake, I’m sorry…
No longer yours
Blessed be the God who predestines for adoption
You are blessed mother,
He chose you from the foundation of the earth - you are His.

A family but children- just a desire
A joy to be with friends and inhale their giggles full
The beautiful souls unclaimed
Your heart couldn’t resist
The whisper, Love them
So you do and your heart almost implodes
Blessed be the God whose joy is our strength
You are blessed mother,
In His presence there is fullness of joy forever more.

The baby is on the move
The days seem to stretch
But nights are short and mornings come quickly
Frazzled, dazed, tired, hungry
Don’t numb, distract , or give in to indulgence
Blessed be the God who gives rest
You are blessed mother,
He invites you to come bathe in His rhythms of grace - Sabbath

A child vocal and strong
Curious explorer setting his own boundaries
Testing and prodding in whiny vocabulary
Your triggered-buttons pushes
A sigh of exasperation escapes
Is this even worth it?
Blessed be the God who shepherds
You are blessed mother,
As you guide your child, so as a lamb your Heavenly Father guides you to Quiet waters and restores your soul.

The long days turn to short years
And you look up and the child is grown
Where has the time gone?
Could it be time to completely let go and let fly?
Blessed be the God who bids us follow
You are blessed mother,
For the same God who calls you to follow Him also calls your child.

Anger, resentment, rejection
Taking, withholding
Longing for a small piece - if even that
The longing of a sweet blossoming of friendship as you both grew up
Still just a longing
Blessed be the God who intercedes
You are blessed mother,
For you have an advocate who day and night intercedes for you and your son at the right hand of the Father.

Your grandchildren are a crown
But you did not anticipate their care
They have burrowed deep in your heart
Life is different than imagined
Though rich and full of joy
Blessed be the God who renews your strength
You are blessed mother,
For they who wait for the Lord shall run and not be weary.

Fear grips your heart
Disease, incurable, not sure - more tests
This babe was supposed to be whole and healthy
Your heart pounds
No control
Only trust
Blessed be the God who heals
You are blessed mother,
For He gave his only Son by whose stripes we are healed.

The refinement of motherhood
Is not exclusive
It draws and attracts
The giving of ourselves
The unveiling of our souls to each other
Spiritual motherhood a calling
Strong resilient and needed
Look around and take them in
The ones placed within your boundaries on purpose
Blessed be God who sets our times and spaces
You are blessed spiritual mother,
For He has caused your boundaries to fall in pleasant places; surely you have a delightful inheritance.

Light up in smiles
Clap, sing, dance, create
The blessings you have received
Are good and gracious
In beholding them you find more intricacies of Christ
It is His grace and kindness that leads us to repentance
In Him you have received everything you need
Blessed be the God who is pleased to reveal
You are blessed mother,
For He has made known to you the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure!

After you finish reading this blessing take some time to sit and rest in the Lord. You are truly blessed.


When you are ready, take some time to look up the following Bible references. From the Word came the inspiration for how the Lord provides His grace in motherhood. The Word of God is alive and active, let it go deep into your heart and soul. In His grace, may the Word of God not return void but work in transformation for your sanctification. Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now, and evermore shall be: world without end. Amen.


Daisy Dronen is a bellwether table-gatherer who loves fresh cut flowers and reading. Always reading! She invites women to join her around the table, creating a beautiful space in which to disciple a generation. With If:Dayton, she has discovered that beholding each other leads to a deeper revelation of who Jesus is and who He says we are - all while enjoying delicious food together. As a woman, she knows that we can all fear rejection. But around the table, we can make room for everyone to feel welcomed and push past our fears as we dive into meaningful conversation. A few evenings a week Daisy turns in her mom cape for a white coat as a nurse supervisor at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Adventuring with the love of her life is one of her greatest pleasures - following Jesus is her #1 pleasure. Daisy was born in Honduras, raised in Texas, but Dayton, Ohio is home. She loves to travel, spend time in nature, and dream of more dancing opportunities. This year one of her goals is to use her writing and story to encourage others that their story has a purpose in life. She would love to meet you and have you join her for tea. You can catch glimpses of her life on Instagram @daisyfd or email her at


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Dare Greatly - with Christ at the Hem

You may or may not have heard the name Brené Brown, and if you have not, I strongly suggest  you look up her TED Talk on YouTube! You’ve definitely been impacted by her work, in one way or another. Brené is a speaker, story-teller, and shame-researcher. As you likely know, the area of shame is a hot topic in our world today, and what I think Brené uniquely seeks to do is very gospel-driven. Her desire is to understand things like shame, empathy, vulnerability, and connection - and it has impacted much of my thinking when it comes to how I show up in my life. In fact, in 2018, my cousin and I read Brené’s book, Rising Strong, and together we discovered how hard it is to be vulnerable, but in the same sense, how worth it vulnerability is!

Brené’s key piece of work, Daring Greatly (and the theme of her new Netflix special, “The Call to Courage”),* centers around this shortened quote by President Theodore Roosevelt:


“It is not the critic who counts…[no, instead] the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly...and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly...”


This figurative man showed up to the fight, even if he knew he’d fail. He showed up with his whole heart, even when it hurt, and dared greatly to love in the face of previous hurt, to start the business in the face of risk, to go for the promotion that felt like a longshot, to evangelize to the person in his family who hates God, to pray for the miracle healing even though it may not happen. The truth is, he, and we too, can dare greatly, even when it’s risky!

....Sounds inspiring, right? Well, it is, but it’s also messy!

You see, this idea of daring greatly has been one I’ve wrestled with a lot the last few years. How do I both dare greatly AND fail well? What does it even mean to fail well? How do I obey God and risk big with wisdom? And how do I fail gracefully, while also still glorifying God? Below are just a few things I’ve learned in thinking, praying, and talking through these issues:


1) Failing well doesn’t mean you don’t risk. If you never risk, you never fail, which means you never succeed.
2) When you fail (and you will) learn from it and keep going! Persevere. 
3) Jesus will break your fall, every time. And He can handle your failure.
4) If you risk for Him, it will be worth it - He’s a Master Weaver!


These four truths have kept me going like a buoy in rocky waves throughout the last year. You see, whether others knew it or not, I’ve felt like I failed a lot in the last year. And it’s been vulnerable and crushing at times. I failed in big and small ways in career, friendships, love, housing, finances, business, etc. - and it’s been hard. I’m sure in many ways this will continue to be true. But the central thing I’ve learned throughout all this failure is there will ALWAYS be storms, but there will also, ALWAYS be Jesus.

I was recently the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding, and one of the gifts she gave all her bridesmaids was a simple metal ring with a wave in the design. This small gift has been an anchoring point for me - it helps me to remember that Jesus is my Strong Tower in the storms of my life. That, like Peter, I can choose to trust Him. And trust, I have.

He will catch you. He is faithful, even when you fail. Because here’s the thing y’all: Failure is part of life in a Fallen world.

I know for a fact  it is He who has sustained me. It is He who has spoken life and truth to my weary soul  through music, through His Word, through the balm of a friend’s words. It is He who has restored what the locusts have eaten. It is He who has grown me up, pruned me, and dressed me as the vine I am in His hands. I can honestly say if it were not for this last year full of failure, I would not know Him the way I do now, and for that I am truly grateful. 

One Biblical story that has been a surprising comfort to me in this season has been the story of the unnamed woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment in a crowd. This saint with an “issue of blood” had been to many medical doctors and experienced much failure. She had tried it her way, the world’s way, and any other way she could get her hands on! She was worn out. She was tired. She was desperate. This medical failure drove her to Jesus. It drove her to dare greatly - right into the arms of the Healer! She didn’t just quit, even after much failure. She didn’t lay down and choose apathy or bitterness. No, instead, she showed up for her life and trusted God one more time.

I think that’s the main thing I want to remind you all today: Yes, dare greatly! But more importantly, dare greatly with Christ at the hem. He will catch you. He is faithful, even when you fail. Because here’s the thing y’all: Failure is part of life in a Fallen world.

It just is, we can’t avoid it, but so, too, is risk. So, I say, risk boldly and dare greatly - knowing that Jesus has your back. Or, as Paul put it in Phil. 1:21, remind yourself that “To live is Christ, and to die is gain!”


Love again.

Witness to the broken.

Go bold in your career.

Show up for your life!

No fear - go all in for Jesus. Dare Greatly - with Christ at the hem.


Bekah Brewer wants to live in a world where discipleship is the thriving heartbeat of the whole Church. When she’s not practicing the art of digital marketing for Media Tractor or editing for her side business (Words Redeemed), you can find her playing soccer, pouring into friends & family, or planning out more times of fun, rest, and growth. Her favorite verse is Philippians 1:27a: "Just one thing: Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (HCSB)