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Welcome to our blog submission page! If you’re interested in writing for the DWITW blog, all the information you’ll need is right here.

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A word from our blog coordinator, robin

Ladies, first and foremost, we want to hear from you! There is space for you here; for your words, for your encouragement. If we could sit down over a cup of coffee, what would you most want to share about God, His Word, and what He is doing in your life? That’s what we’d love for you to write about here.

The DWITW Blog is a place where women from the DWITW team and community share what God has been graciously teaching us through His Word and how it is transforming our hearts and minds. We want to hear about your journey of transformation and how God has cultivated a passion for Himself in your heart by interacting with Scripture and learning about His character.

God’s Word is powerful and alive! By sharing how He is transforming our lives with it, we can help stir up a hunger in others for more of God's Word and encourage women to spend time reading it, studying it, meditating on it, and storing it in their hearts.

submission Guidelines

  • We are not accepting queries. Please send only completed pieces approximately 500-1000 words in length.

  • We appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your work and understand that you will be giving us your best writing. That being said, our DWITW Content Editor will edit your post for spelling and grammar errors, clarity in meaning and biblical accuracy. While there will be some editing that happens with every piece, we will always show you the finished post for approval.

  • Submitted pieces should be original and not have been published before—even on your own website or blog. We would like all content to be new and will request exclusive rights.

  • This is not a place to be political, preachy, or polarizing. Think more “chatting together at the table” rather than “soapbox.”

  • Please get permission if you are including specific friends or family in your writing or do not name them specifically. We do not want to leave anyone feeling surprised or embarrassed.

  • Turn around time: Our Blog Coordinator will respond within a week to all submitted pieces to acknowledge they have been received for review. Upon acceptance, please allow 2 weeks for an edited piece to be returned to you for approval.

*PLEASE NOTE: Submission does not guarantee publishing. We may not be able to use your piece for a variety of reasons or we may request to use your piece in a different month than you submitted it for. Please know, throughout this process we want to be an encouragement for you however we can.

Style Guidelines

  • When using the acronym DWITW, please italicize it like this: DWITW.

  • When using the word bible, please capitalize the first letter like this: Bible.

  • Similarly, when referencing a book of the Bible, please capitalize the first letter like this: Deuteronomy, Psalms, or James.

  • When using a pronoun to describe God, please capitalize like this: He, Him, Lord, Jehovah Jireh, etc.

  • When referencing major or well-known events in Biblical history, please capitalize like this: the Fall (in reference to Gen. 3), Creation (in reference to Gen. 1-2), the Ten Commandments (in reference to Exodus 20).

  • When shortening the names of books of the Bible, use the chart found on the Dallas Theological Seminary website.

Publishing Rights

  • If you have a blog, feel free to share an excerpt from your post on the day of publication with a link to the DWITW blog, but please don’t publish the full post on your own blog.

  • All rights remain with the author of the post, but we ask you wait at least 12 months before reposting the piece on a different site.      

Bio and Headshot Photo

  • Please include a short bio about yourself, about 3-4 sentences, as serious or silly as you want to be. If you find this difficult, we would be happy to help you with writing one.

  • Please upload a photo of yourself to accompany your bio via the UPLOAD link in the form below. Images need to be smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is an easy-to-use website for resizing images: PicResize

  • Please let us know if you DO NOT want your name and/or photo included, we will accept anonymous posts.

  • We may resize, crop, enhance, and possibly add text to your original photo.

  • Please email photos in .jpg format. Landscape or square orientation is best.

  • Also feel free to send us links to your Instagram and Facebook accounts for us to tag on the respective platform when your post is published.

Blog Post Submission Form

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NOTE: Please re-name your file to include your blog post title before uploading to ensure your photo is matched with the correct submission. Ex: If submission is titled ”Hope in Life” headshot should be named: jane-smith-hope-in-life.jpg