upcoming dates + topics

monday, december 3, 2018 — 7-9PM
2 corinthians — fcf Dayton

in 2019, we will begin to meet more consistently on the third thursday of each month. 




DWITW Teaching Collective is a group of women from the greater DWITW community who gather together to grow in the practice of understanding and teaching the Bible. We believe God has called and commissioned all of us to make disciples and teach his commands (Matt. 28:19-20). Teaching Collective is a place for these like-minded women to pray together, encourage each other, share resources and have safe opportunities to practice teaching.


DWITW Teaching Collective is for any woman in the local area who wants to grow in the disciplines of studying and teaching God's Word. You do not have to have any previous experience teaching the Bible. This isn't just for women who want to teach the Bible in a traditional setting - this is for any woman who wants to better communicate the truths of God's Word to others.

So mamas teaching your kids the Bible -- this is for you. Ladies volunteering in the nursery or student ministry -- this is for you. College students -- this is for you. Gals who want to lead a study in their home -- this is for you. Retirees -- this is for you! Seasoned Bible teachers -- this is for you! Anyone and everyone who wants to gather with like-minded women who want to teach the bible -- THIS IS FOR YOU.


The DWITW Teaching Collective meets once monthly on a weeknight. The location and night of the week will vary in order to accommodate a variety of schedules.


Nope! This is a drop-in style group. You can plan to come every month or whenever your schedule allows. Please be sure to find out which book we are focusing on each month (announced on this page), so that you can be prepared to discuss when we meet.


Each monthly meeting will focus on one book of the Bible (see above for details on upcoming meetings). There will be opportunities to give short, 10-minute talks on 1) context, 2) specific passages of the chosen text, 3) teaching tools and 4) general encouragements for teachers. See below for more details on how to prepare for a talk. 

Whether you are preparing to do a talk or not, we ask that you read through the book we are discussing and come prepared to talk about these things in  a small group setting:

  • questions you had while reading

  • passages you would like more clarity on

  • important themes in the text

  • ideas for application in your areas of influence

How do i volunteer to give a talk?

We will ask for people to volunteer to give specific talks at the end of each meeting of the Collective. You can email us at daytonwomenintheword@gmail.com to see if there are any talks open for the current month.

Note: Please be sure that you can attend the next month's meeting before you volunteer to give a talk.

i volunteered to give a talk. HOW SHOULD I PREPARE?

Thank you for bravely volunteering! There are currently four types of talks given at Collective. Each teacher prepares for a short, 10 minute talk. Teachers will be (lovingly!) critiqued by fellow members of the Collective (written and verbal). You can download our Critique Form here.

As you prepare, keep your audience in mind. The Teaching Collective is an audience of believing women who have varying levels of bible knowledge. If you would like to give a talk that is directed to another audience or age group (kids, unbelievers, new believers, etc), be sure to note that at the beginning of your talk.

For the Context Talk, you'll be giving an overview of the chosen book of the Bible. Prepare to give us relevant, historical background information and answer these questions:

  • Who wrote the book?

  • When was it written?

  • Why was it written?

  • To whom was it written?

  • What genre was it written in?

Be sure to include the major themes of the book and share where this passage falls in the Bible's meta-narrative (bigger story): Creation, Fall, Redemption or Restoration. 

For the Exposition Talk, you'll choose a specific verse or verses to focus your talk on from within that month's chosen book. Plan to walk us through the text and answer these questions in your talk:

  • What does the passage say? (Comprehension)

  • What does the passage mean? (Interpretation)

  • How should the passage change me? (Application)

Be sure to give us a bit of the literary context (what's happening in the text before and after your chosen text) and to look for Jesus (even in the OT)!

For the Equipping Talk, you'll choose a preparation method or tool to focus on to help equip your fellow teachers. You can choose a specific resource and train us on how to use it, pick a bible study tool to explain in-depth, or share specific insights on public speaking, lesson planning or discipleship. The sky's the limit here! Examples of teaching topics might include: choosing and using commentaries, preparing discussion questions for a small group, utilizing bible study apps, knowing your audience, teaching to a specific age group, identifying your public speaking quirks, etc. Use this opportunity to teach about something God has used in your life to transform your teaching or research something totally new to you! Be sure to share how this tool can help us to glorify the Lord in our teaching.

For the Encouragement Talk, you'll prepare to simply encourage your fellow teachers with God's Word. You can choose a passage from the book we are looking at that month or you can go into other parts of Scripture. Seek the Lord and see what word he might have for to share with women that will refresh them, strengthen them and give them hope. This is a great opportunity to address the heart, practice vulnerability and share personal experiences of God's goodness. Be sure to point us to the good news of the gospel!