Daniel: Summer Study 2016

Homework- All Sessions

Full Book of Daniel (a double-spaced print out for taking notes, English Standard Version)

Full Book of Daniel, Study Bible version (double-spaced; includes cross references, introductory material, footnotes and maps from the ESV Study Bible)

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Intro Session (5/23/16)
Introduction Slides
Daniel Intro Audio, Part One
Daniel Intro Audio, Part Two

Session One - Chapters 1-2 (6/8/16)
Session One Slides
Session One Discussion Questions
Daniel 1-2 Audio

Session Two - Chapters 3-4 (6/22/16)
Session Two Slides
Session Two Discussion Questions
Session Two Audio

Session Three - Chapters 5-6 (7/6/16)
Session Three Slides
Session Three Discussion Questions
Session Three Audio

Session Four - Chapter 7 (7/20/16)
Session Four Slides
Session Four Discussion Questions
Session Four Audio

Session Five - Chapters 8-9 (8/3/2016)
Session Five Slides
Session Five Discussion Questions
Session Five Audio

Session Six - Chapters 10-12 (8/17/2016)
Session Six Slides
Session Six Discussion Questions
Session Six Audio