Weekly Lessons


Week One

Lesson - Introduction
Coloring Page - OT Timeline

Week Two

Lesson - Ezra 1-3
Coloring Page - Rebuilding

Week Three

Lesson - Ezra 4-6
Coloring Page - The Temple

Week Four

Lesson - Haggai/Zechariah
Coloring Page - Prophets

Week Five

Lesson - Ezra 7-10
Coloring Page - Ezra 7-10

Week Six

Lesson - Nehemiah 1-2
Coloring Page- Cupbearer to the King


Week Seven

Lesson- Nehemiah 3-4
Coloring Page- Nehemiah and the City Walls

Week Eight

Lesson- Nehemiah 5-7
Coloring Page #1
Coloring Page #2

Week Nine

Lesson- Nehemiah 8-9
Coloring Page- Ezra reads the Law

Week Ten

Lesson- Nehemiah 10-11
Coloring Page-

Week Eleven

Lesson- Nehemiah 12-13
Coloring Page- Joy

Week Twelve

Lesson- Review of Ezra & Nehemiah
Coloring Page-