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The Disciple Her Conference:
Going Beyond Titus 2

In March 2017, we held a conference about discipleship called DiscipleHER. At DiscipleHER, we heard from wise women from all around Dayton about life-on-life, whole-bible discipleship. 

Click here to listen to the conference recordings.

If you are longing to mentor or be mentored; if you're wishing you could share your real life unashamedly with other women; or if you want to grow in following Christ's model of discipleship, this content is a great resource for you!

In the past we've hosted gatherings and workshops to help encourage you. take a listen here! 

Other Audio

Digging Deeper Workshop


Gathering Audio

Spring 2016 - 'Finding Our Rest In Christ'
Summer 2016 - 'The Fatherhood of God'
Fall 2016 - 'The Holy Spirit'