From the Archives: Jillian Vincent + Natalie Herr {S1 E1}

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revisiting the DWITW Podcast’s early days and listening to the wisdom and insight women, just like you, have garnered from their experience with God’s Word.

Ever wish you could get a peek into another woman's experience with God's Word? Welcome to the launch of the new Dayton Women in the Word podcast! 

The first season of the Dayton Women in the Word Podcast showcases interviews with women just like you, seeking to know Jesus better through His Word. In this podcast, we will talk to local women about how they practically interact with God and His Word in their every day lives. Guests will share about their daily times with God, their "lightbulb" Bible study moments, how they navigate dry seasons and how they've embraced new ways of studying as their lives have changed.

On Episode #1, our hosts Natalie and Jillian kick the podcast off by discussing these topics with one another. We hope you listen in and are encouraged to crack open your Bible and enter into the Lord's presence.

For those of you who tuned in, here are the resources and scripture references discussed:


Scripture References:

Join us for Episode 2 to hear from our first guest on her walk through God's Word!