Hosea | Session 5 | Hosea 6:4-7:16


This week, Natalie covers Hosea 6:4-7:16 in her lecture. In the first section, she talks about God's fatherly emotions toward Israel and His desire to have their hearts and not their "religious" actions. She encourages us to respond to God's extravagant love by giving God our whole hearts, not just our outward affections.

In the next section, she explains the ways that Israel has broken the covenant with God and how they are unable to love God in the way that He loves them (with a hesed, faithful love). Natalie follows this section by walking through the five pictures of Israel's unfaithfulness in Chapter 7: a heated oven, a half-baked cake, a man past his prime, a silly dove and a faulty bow. 

Natalie closes by reminding us that in our natural state, we are not able to return God's perfect love. But in Christ, we can! We are able to show steadfast love back to God and others on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice and by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Christ, our imperfect love is being perfected, day by day.

Natalie  also explains the homework for Session 6.

To find the PowerPoint slides for Session 5, click here.

Session 5 Outline: 

  • Give Him Your Heart (6:4-6:6)
  • Covenant Breakers (6:7-7:2)
  • Pictures of Unfaithfulness (7:3-16)
  • The Perfect Love of Jesus

During Session 5, Natalie talks about the following references and resources: