Hosea | Session 7 | Hosea 11-12


In Session 7, Natalie takes us through Hosea chapters 11 and 12. She focuses on the character of God as a Father, specifically how He loves, what His heart is like, and what lessons He has to teach His children. 

In the first section, Natalie shows us what God does as a Father in Chapter 11: He loves, calls, teaches, carries, heals, leads, eases, bends toward, and feeds His kids. She asks us to consider how we are responding to God as Father, and encourages us to delight in, praise, and set our thoughts on Him.

In the second section, Natalie describes God's heart as broken, compassionate and confident. She talks about the way Israel's sin has broken God's heart and how He willingly turns toward His people, even amid their disobedience. She urges us to wrestle with the uncomfortable closeness of God's judgment and His mercy - and that they are both true aspects of His character.

Lastly, Natalie covers the lessons that God wants to teach His people from their past. In particular, she explains the connections we can see from the patriarch Jacob's life that God presents in Chapter 12. 

She closes with the homework for Session 8.

Find the Powerpoint slides for this lecture here.

Session 7 Outline: 

  • The Love of A Father (11:1-4)
  • The Heart of A Father (11:5-11)
  • The Lessons of A Father (11:12-12:14)
  • Homework for Session 8

During Session 7, Natalie talks about the following references and resources: