Mark | Session 1 | Introduction


This week kicks off our 5th annual Dayton Women in the Word Summer Study! This summer, we will be working through the book of Mark. Over the next 8 weeks, we'll be sharing recordings from one of the sessions here with you on the podcast. To find both the Monday evening and the Wednesday morning recordings, as well as all of our other summer study resources, visit our Mark Resources page.

In Session 1, Heidi gives an overview of what to expect during our summer study and gives us a quick overview of some of the resources available this summer. She then gives a sweeping overview of the Big Story of the Bible and tells us how Mark fits into that Story. She walks through the five context questions helpful to ask before we read, highlights some major themes in the book, and explains the homework for Session 2.

You can find the slides for Session 1 here.

During Session 1, Heidi talks about the following references and resources: