Mark | Session 3 | Chapters 3-5


This week, Kaitlyn lectures on chapters 3-5 of the Gospel of Mark. She begins with a brief overview of the content from the previous week. She then talks about the growing opposition to Jesus, the call of the 12 apostles and how it relates to us today, the Kingdom of God as we see it in Jesus’ parables, and how Jesus is the King of that Kingdom. She also spends some time teaching about the Messianic Secret, how we can discern God’s will, and the “secret of the kingdom of God.” Kaitlyn encourages us to turn our eyes upon Jesus and reminds us faith is an antidote to fear. The lecture wraps up with a look at who Jesus is and how people respond differently to Him in Mark 3-5. She concludes with a brief look at the homework for week 4.

You can find the slides for Session 3 here.

During Session 3, Kaitlyn talks about the following references and resources: