Summer Study, Week 11

This is the final week of content for our summer study. Kaitlyn begins this lecture by walking us through where we've been so far and highlighting the themes and major story lines that we've seen in Ezra and Nehemiah. She closes with Nehemiah 12 and 13, sharing that true worship produces great joy, and that the Good News is so good because the bad news is so bad. 

Homework for the coming week:
PRAY: Ask the Lord to help you reflect on this summer and thank him for what he has taught you.
READ: Consider re-reading Ezra and Nehemiah.
NEW STUDY TOOL: Reflect. What has the Lord taught you, renewed, stirred up, or convicted in you? How have you grown, been challenged, been amazed? 
CHALLENGE: Come to study next week prepared to share the great things that the Lord has done in and through you as you've studied His Word this summer.

Scripture References:
Zechariah 8:20-23
Nehemiah 12
Psalm 100
Nehemiah 13
Numbers 22-25
Numbers 31
Deuteronomy 23
John 2:13-17
Romans 5:12-19
II Corinthians 3:18