The Call To Disciple

Rhonda Sheets

Vulnerable and Unashamed Relationships

Jillian Vincent

Jesus as our Example in Discipleship

Carol Benoy

Now What? How Discipleship Fits Into Real Life

Natalie Herr

Discipleship Pairs Panel

Hosted by Natalie Herr and includes Jillian Vincent, Sami Hudgins, Amanda Feairheller, Shanice King, Carol Benoy and Robyn Terry


Studying the Word Together

Carol Benoy and Robyn Terry

The Word of God must be at the center of our discipleship relationships. Scripture is the content we are meant to be teaching each other! This workshop will explore the importance of studying the Bible with others, resources and methods for study, and encouragement to seek the Word in our daily lives.

Click here for the worksheet from Carol and Robyn

Click here for Robyn's Ruth Devotional.

Discipling Our Kids

Claire Johnson and Kelly Lynch

Parents are the primary spiritual leaders of their children. The children in our care are our closest disciples! This can be a daunting and overwhelming discovery for any parent. This workshop explores why we should view our kids as disciples and how we can carry out the work of discipling them for the long haul.

Click here for the worksheets from Claire and Kelly.

Balancing Discipleship in Every Day Life

Lindsey Fulton, Jessica Buczek, Linda Martin, Colleen Thorsen, Debbie Gersch

Whether you're a new Christian, a mom, a single woman, college student, working woman, etc. - we can all find a way to engage in the important work of discipleship. This panel recording gives practical examples of discipleship from women in a variety of life stages and situations.

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Life-On-Life Discipleship Between Generations

Kris Horlacher and Kim Hofmann

The generation gap can be very wide at times! Young women are seeking wisdom and wise women want to give it, but we can run into misunderstandings and uncomfortable moments along the way. This workshop helps us to bridge the gap between generations and do life with women who live differently than we do.

Fighting Spiritual Battles Together

Karen Savage

We are all sisters fighting the same enemy, but often we find ourselves fighting alone. This workshop explores how to engage in spiritual battles together, how to encourage each other with the truth and how to use our God-given tools to experience victory over the enemy.

Discipling in Vulnerable Situations

Elizabeth Kilby

Discipleship doesn't always look like a weekly meeting at the local coffee shop. God often gives us opportunities for discipleship in places that we don't expect.  This workshop explores how to disciple women and girls in difficult situations or gospel-hostile environments, and touches on some of the opportunities in our region to give hope to hurting women.

Praying Together

Daisy Fuentes-Dronen

Prayer is an essential part of our human relationships and our relationship with God. God uses this discipline to help us know him better and to bring us into unity with other believers. This workshop will explain how to build discipleship relationships on the foundation of authentic, repentant, dependent prayer.

Discipling Others in Every Stage

Sarah Pelphrey

As believers, our lives are in a constant state of change and regeneration. This means that the lives our disciples will be ever-changing! This workshop helps equip us to adapt to the changing lives of our disciples and helps us to be confident leading women in a variety of faith stages, from non-believers and seekers to more mature Christians.