What is Dayton Women in the Word?


Dayton Women in the Word is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Christian organization based in Dayton, Ohio.


That the women of Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding areas might become mighty, awe-filled women of God who know, believe and share God’s Word in their areas of influence.


Our mission is to purposefully present women with the Word of God; giving them the encouragement to behold it, the tools to understand it and the training to share it.

  • Purposeful Presentation of the Word: We believe that God uses the Scriptures to produce awe, wisdom, belief and willingness in women to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We will work to present God’s Word as true and authoritative and trust the Holy Spirit to illuminate its specific applications.

  • Encouragement to Behold: We acknowledge that we ourselves cannot create change in women, but interacting with God through his Word can. We commit to calling women into deeper relationship with Jesus by interacting with the Bible.

  • Tools to Understand: The Word is powerful, but it is not always easy to understand. We are committed to spreading biblical literacy among women by teaching inductive bible study tools.

  • Training to Share: The heart of the mission of God is to make disciples. We will intentionally train women to teach the Bible to the people in their influence and encourage them to do so in a local church setting.