Equipping is as important as encouragement, amen? We need practical tools to help us as we pursue deeper fellowship with God. Here you'll find bible study resources, audio recordings, printables and other tools to help you dig deeper into God's Word.


Ezra and Nehemiah: Summer 2017
Daniel: Summer 2016
Joshua: Summer 2015


Bible Study Tools Explained


Spring 2016 - 'Finding Our Rest In Christ'
Summer 2016 - 'The Fatherhood of God'
Fall 2016 - 'The Holy Spirit'

Beyond Titus 2:
A bible study for women in all stages of discipleship

Beyond Titus 2 is out 4-week bible study that follows up our DiscipleHer Conference. It is designed for women being discipled, women discipling other women and for the women in the waiting (so it's really for everyone!). You can do the study on your own or together with other women in your life.

Studies are available in the DWITW Shop in two formats: printed copies and downloadable PDFs.

You can check out what other women have learned from this study by following the hashtag #beyondtitus2.


DWITW 365:
Reading God's Story Together

We invite you to join Dayton Women In The Word as we undertake a chronological venture throughout the Bible in 2018. Through the Bible, God has given us a way to see His big picture plan, to better know Him and His heart, to be confronted by our shortcomings and sin, and to revel in the holiness and goodness of His character. We want to do this and we want to do it together because in God’s Word there is truth; and grace; and freedom. God’s words are powerful and they will change your life. Head over to our blog to see more details and to follow along each week as we will be sharing the lessons we've learned reading through God's word together.  Download our reading guide here

Use #dwitw365 to connect and share what God has revealed to as you read through His word!


In March 2017, we held a conference about discipleship called DiscipleHER. At DiscipleHER, we heard from wise women from all around Dayton about life-on-life, whole-bible discipleship. 

Click here to listen to the conference recordings.

If you are longing to mentor or be mentored; if you're wishing you could share your real life unashamedly with other women; or if you want to grow in following Christ's model of discipleship, this content is a great resource for you!

*If you attended the conference, please consider taking our conference survey to help us plan future events!