Mark | Session 5 | Chapters 9 & 10


This week, Kaitlyn lectures over the “connecting section” in Mark, Mark 8:27-10:52. She begins with a broad strokes look at what has happened in the first 8 chapters, and how Mark has answered the question “Who is Jesus?” Then, she teaches about Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Christ. Following Peter’s confession, Jesus foretells His own death and resurrection three different times, and Kaitlyn walks us through these three conversations as well as the discussions about the cost of discipleship that follow each one. She shows how the economy of the Kingdom of God is often upside-down and backward, and she discusses what it means to take up your cross, the deceptiveness of wealth, and the seriousness of sin. She ends with a look at who Jesus is and how we can respond to Him based on Mark 8:27-10:52.

You can find the slides for Session 5 here.

During Session 5, Kaitlyn talks about the following references and resources: