Mark | Session 8 | Chapter


In the final session of this summer’s study on the Gospel of Mark, Kaitlyn walks us through chapter 16 and then gives a recap of the whole summer. In chapter 16, she teaches about the women finding the empty tomb and running away in fear, Peter and the disciples still being loved by Jesus, and then takes a couple of minutes to dwell on Christ’s resurrection. She then discusses how the final twelve verses of Mark 16, verses 9-20, were likely not written by Mark, but were later added by scribes. Reviewing the summer, she looks at how Mark accomplished his goal of presenting evidence of Jesus’ identity as the Christ and as the Son of God. Finally, she looks at what the truth about Christ’s identity means for those who follow Him and are citizens of the upside-down, backward Kingdom of God.

You can find the slides for Session 8 here.

During Session 8, Kaitlyn talks about the following references and resources: