At Home in the Word | Gospel {S6 E8}


This week, Erin Shaw joins Jillian on the podcast to dive into exploring the gospel literary genre and how to get started studying the books that fall into this category. They discuss how the gospels highlight the redemption portion of the Bible’s metanarrative arc and the good news they are infused with. They also look at how these books are theological biographies of Jesus, which describe teachings and events from His life that reveal how He fulfilled the law for all as the Messiah to all nations.

Erin Shaw wants to live in a world where women are learning truth from Scripture instead of looking for some kind of truth in themselves. When she's not teaching women's ministry classes at Cedarville University, you can find her helping with the women's ministry at her home church, Centerville Christian Fellowship. Her favorite Scripture is Psalm 84:11.

You can connect with Erin via Centerville Christian Fellowship’s Women’s ministry Instagram at @ccf_women.

Podcast Navigation: 

02:10   Meet Erin
04:10   What books are included in the gospels and why study this genre
05:40   Where the gospels fit in the metanarrative of Scripture
09:40   Nuances of the gospel literary style
18:20   Challenges of studying the gospel genre
29:20   Tips for reading gospel literature
32:40   Resources for additional study
34:40    Insights and favorite passages from the gospels
38:00   Tips for reading familiar passages of Scripture

On this episode, Jillian and Erin talk about the following references and resources:

*Reference Disclaimer: All references made by podcast guests are of their own accord. The inclusion of references and resources by guests on the podcast does not equate to an endorsement of those resources from Dayton Women in the Word.