Summer Study, Week 9

Today on the podcast, Jillian reviews the faithfulness of God throughout the timeline of Nehemiah 1-7 before exploring the themes of Nehemiah 8-9. In Nehemiah 8, she reminds us that our "Why" to reading and understanding Scripture is to abide with God. He is our true strength and in his presence there is fullness of joy. Through Nehemiah 9, we saw that Jesus Christ stops our cycle of sin and softens our stiff necks to the gospel. We are sinful. Nevertheless, God is merciful!

Homework for the coming week:
PRAY: Before, pray during, and pray after your time in the Word
READ: Nehemiah 10-11; Psalm 126 + Psalm 127
NEW STUDY TOOL/CHALLENGE: Student Pick. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in the tools you have learned throughout your studies this summer!
CONTINUED TOOLS: Repetitive Reading and Annotation

Scriptures Referenced:
Nehemiah 8-9
Leviticus 23
Psalm 16:11
Psalm 147:11
Psalm 149:4
Zephaniah 3:17
1 Chronicles 16
John 15:7-11
John 1:14
Revelation 21:3
Exodus 9:16
Ezekiel 36:26-28
Proverbs 29:1
Romans 7:15-25