Advent Resources for a Christ-Centered Christmas (2018 Edition)

We have so looked forward to celebrating Jesus with you this 2018 Holiday Season, friends! To continue our DWITW Advent Resource round-up tradition, today we’re sharing some new finds with you for 2018. You can also check out lists from previous years for even more ideas.


As mentioned in our previous lists, we know that not everyone celebrates Advent and that there are a huge range of Christmas traditions among Christians, so please remember: this post is not meant to be an "Advent To Do" list. It would be impossible to meaningfully engage in all of these resources at once. Our goal is to connect you with the resources that are already out there and put them all in one place for easy access.

Note: All of the resources we shared last year are excellent and many are still available, so go check those out in last year's post. This post will focus on what's new (or new-to-us) for 2018.

Devotional Plans


Family Resources and Activities

Advent Calendars



What are some of you and your family’s favorite ways to celebrate this season?
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