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The Hosea Scripture PDF is no longer available for download. Please email us for or reference the Summer Study Companion Guide for help creating your own print out.



Sermons, Videos and Other Helpful Commentary on HOSEA

Printed Commentaries (listed by Author): Tim ChesterDavid Hubbard, Derek Kidner
"Call Me Husband, Not Baal": Sermon by John Piper (Hosea 1-3)
"The True Bridegroom": Sermon by Tim Keller (Hosea 3,11)
DWITW Podcast, S4 E12 with Katie Guiliano (Hosea 2)
Resources from The Bible Project: Hosea Video, How To Read the Bible Video Series, Hosea & Amos: Two Sides of Covenant Failure
Bible Project Hosea Poster

Resources mentioned or used in session

Bible Timeline PDF
Tyndale House Bible Translators Debating Which Word to Use