Hosea Kids Lessons


Scripture Memory Verse
HOsea 6:1

"Come, let us return to the Lord,
He has broken us
that he might heal us,
He has struck us down
that he might bind us up."

Weekly Lessons

Session 1 | who is god?

Main Truth: God is Creator, Father and King.

session 2 | Who are god's people?

Main Truth: God's people are chosen, lost and then rescued.

Session 3 | what is idolatry?

Main Truth: Idolatry is loving a thing more than you love God.

session 4 | what is a prophet?

Main Truth: A prophet is a messenger chosen by God.

Session 5 | who was hosea?

Main Truth: Hosea was a prophet who called people back to God.

Session 6 | who is jesus?

Main Truth: Jesus is our Redeemer and Rescuer.

Session 7 | what does it mean to be faithful?

Main Truth: Being faithful means being loyal to God.

Session 8 | Review