Season 3 Intro: Prayer {S3 E1}

Natalie _ Jill.jpg

Welcome to Season Three of the Dayton Women in the Word Podcast! This season, we'll be learning all about the practice of prayer. We will be interviewing women from all over the Dayton area about the ins and outs of their prayer lives. Why do we pray in the first place? And how? Does God talk back? Where do we even start? And of course, how does the practice of prayer impact our journey through God's Word?

On this episode, Natalie and Jillian fire up the old Yeti microphone in the deep woods of Western Pennsylvania on their family getaway. When all the babies are in bed, they talk about why the DWITW team chose prayer as this season's focus. They share how God has changed their personal prayer lives and how eager they are to learn all the upcoming guests have to share. Enjoy!