Karen Savage {S3 E2}

Karen Savage.jpg

"We walk and talk, you and me. We walk and talk."

"Everything is holy unto the Lord. Making soup is holy." 

"I say the darndest things to God."

These are but a few of the gems from the first interview of our season on prayer. Sami and Jillian gather at the table of Karen Savage to discuss how to meet the Lord in the everyday moments of life. Karen's testimony showcases endurance, as she shares about her 18 year journey of prayer for an unbelieving spouse.

Karen wants to live in a world where the fame of Jesus is proclaimed. When she's not studying the Word, you can find her loving life for Jesus, working in her garden, and loving her husband and three boys! Her favorite Scripture is John 15:7-17.

To learn more how the Lord speaks to her through His creation, visit Karen's blog

On this episode, Karen and our hosts talked about the following references and resources:

*Reference Disclaimer: All references made by podcast guests are of their own accord. The inclusion of references and resources by guests on the podcast does not equate to an endorsement of those resources from Dayton Women in the Word.