Hosea | Session 4 | Hosea 4-6:3


This week, Natalie takes us through Hosea 4-6:3. She covers God's formal charge against Israel and the details of the guilty verdict He proclaims in Hosea 5. She also warns us against having a self-righteous attitude toward the Israelite priests and their folly but instead calls us to examine what we, too, may "glory" in other than God Himself.

Natalie also addresses the lack of wisdom present in the land of Israel during Hosea's time and explains that we find God's wisdom through His Word, His people, and communion with Him. She beckons us to think about what worthless things we might be pursuing instead of the living God.

Lastly, Natalie walks through 6:1-3 which is Hosea's call for the people to return to God in repentance. He calls them to repent so that they may, in turn, receive healing and revival. She reminds us to keep the end in mind, play "the long game," and cultivate eternal perspective during our times of trial. Our call is to press on to know Jesus intimately ourselves, and also to press on in knowing Him together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Natalie closes her talk by explaining the homework for Session 5.

To find the PowerPoint slides for Session 4, click here.


Session 4 Outline: 

  • God's Case Against Israel (4:1-19)
  • God Proclaims the Guilty Verdict (5:1-7)
  • God Sounds the Alarm (5:8-14)
  • Return to the Lord and Live (5:15-6:3)

During Session 4, Natalie talks about the following references and resources: