Hosea | Session 6 | Hosea 8-10


In Session 6, Natalie covers Hosea 8-10 in three sections.

In the first section going through Ch. 8, she points out six ways that the Israelites are showing their self-reliance and connects each with the punishment that God declares. She asks a series of questions to encourage us to think through areas in our lives where we may be relying on ourselves instead of on God.

In the second section on Chapter 9, Natalie recounts several losses that the Israelites will experience because of their sin - loss of provisions, Promised Land, paths to holiness, precious items, fertility/future generations and preferential love. She asks us to consider what we are afraid to lose and to lay those idols down at the feet of Jesus, as well.

The last section covers Chapter 10, which focuses on the opportunity the Israelites have to seek the Lord and become planters of righteousness. Natalie encourages us to partner with the Spirit as He plants the Gospel in and through our lives - reminding us to believe that Jesus will be the One producing the fruit.

She ends with the homework for Session 7.

Find the Powerpoint slides for this lecture here.

Session 6 Outline: 

  • Israel's Self Reliance Results in Punishment (Ch. 8)
  • Israel's Sin Results in Loss (Ch. 9)
  • Israel's Opportunity to Seek the Lord (Ch. 10)
  • Homework for Session 7

During Session 6, Natalie talks about the following references and resources: