Hosea | Session 8 | Hosea 13-14 + Conclusion


In our final session, Natalie shows us how chapters 13 and 14 give a review of all of the major themes of Hosea - Israel's unfaithfulness, God's judgment, and Yahweh's steadfast love.

Natalie highlights in chapter 13 how Israel is using their God-given talents to worship idols, and how we can be tempted to do the same. She talks about how there is a very real danger of forgetting God, who is our Helper, both for Israel and for us. Though this judgment on Israel is not the final word from God.

In Chapter 14, Natalie teaches on Hosea's final call to God's people and his framework for repentance. She talks about God's promise to heal and love Israel freely and abundantly, even in the midst of their sinning. She specifically draws out two things: 1) Hosea's garden metaphors and their beckon for growth and repentance among the people, and 2) Hosea's appeal for the wise to heed his words and repent.

In this closing session of our Hosea Summer Study, Natalie closes by sharing what happened in history after Hosea's prophecy and asks us to consider how the reading of Hosea might have changed our hearts and lives this summer.

Find the Powerpoint slides for this lecture here.

Session 8 Outline: 

  • Ephraim's Destruction (13:1-3)
  • God's Fierce Judgment (13:4-16)
  • Hosea's Final Call to Return (14:1-3)
  • God's Response of Healing Love (14:4-8)
  • The Wise Will Heed the Call (14:9)

During Session 8, Natalie talks about the following references and resources: