Mark | Session 2 | Chapters 1 & 2


This week, Kaitlyn lectures on the first two chapters of the Gospel of Mark. In her lecture, she talks about John the Baptist paving the way for Jesus, and how Jesus was baptized and tempted before He began His ministry. She then takes us through the first events of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee, sharing about His main message: the Kingdom of God is indeed at hand, and the time is now to repent and believe. She urges listeners to know that this is as true today as it was when Jesus said it 2000 years ago. Today is the day of salvation! She then shows how Mark emphasizes Jesus’ authority over every aspect of creation. Kaitlyn ends the lecture with a look at who Jesus is according to Mark 1-2.

You can find the slides for Session 2 here.

During Session 2, Kaitlyn talks about the following references and resources: