Summer Study Preview | Meet the Teachers


For our last Summer Study Preview episode, Natalie chats with the two ladies who will be teaching the main sessions of the Mark Summer Study. As you get to know Heidi’s and Kaitlyn’s personal stories a bit more, you’ll also hear why they are so excited to teach Mark this summer, and how ladies can prepare their hearts coming into the study. If you have questions about summer study or anything else, you can contact the DWITW team at

Podcast Navigation:

01:50   Meet Heidi
05:20   Meet Kaitlyn
09:50   How has DWITW helped you grow as both a student and teacher of the Bible?
19:40    What excites you about teaching Mark?
23:20   How did you put together the syllabus?
26:00   Encouragement for those participating in summer study

On this episode, Natalie, Heidi, and Kaitlyn talk about the following references and resources:

*Reference Disclaimer: All references made by podcast guests are of their own accord. The inclusion of references and resources by guests on the podcast does not equate to an endorsement of those resources from Dayton Women in the Word.